Learn how to authenticate your API requests

VeendHQ Platform authenticates your API requests using an Access Token which can be generated from your dashboard. All API calls must include the Access Token. API requests made without Access Token will fail with the status code 401: Unauthorized.

Create an Account

To gain access to the VeendHQ Platform API, you need to create an account for free

Get Your Access Token

Once you have completed the sign up process and the KYC requirements, we will provide a Access Token which is accessible via the VeendHQ dashboard - Dashboard > Settings > Developers. Follow the steps below to access them:

Generate New Access Token

You can generate a new Access Token via the Dashboard UI or via an authenticated API Request.

You can also generate a new Access Token by clicking on the Generate New Token button on the dashboard - Dashboard > Settings > Developers.

Authenticate a request

You can authenticate your requests by including the Access Token in the Authorization header.

Authenticating a request should be in the following format:

Authorization: Bearer SECRET_KEY
x-tag: sandbox

x-tag value should be either test or live depending on the environment you are making the API request.

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