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Welcome to VeendHQ official Developer Documentation Portal. Here you'll find guides, resources, and references to build modern financial products with VeendHQ Platform.

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For ease of development VeendHQ provides two environments for test (sandbox) and for production (live).

Test Environment

A test environment allow businesses to integrate their products and test them with test credentials that are real-life-like data but not actual data. Requests made to the test environment will never hit banking, payments, or identity verification networks and will never affect live data.

You can use the sandbox environment by performing all you API calls on this base URL:

Live Environment

The live environment to allow businesses to use VeendHQ Platform API in the production environments after testing using the sandbox environment. You can make use of real credentials and real data on the live environment. Requests made to the LIVE environment will hit LIVE environments of banking or payments or identity verification networks.

You can use the live environment by performing all you API calls on this base URL:

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